From 9 to 5 I'm a graphic designer, most of my other time is pretty much spent doodling. I currently create in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. in the company of my pet tortoise, Herman and boyfriend, Daniel. 



Graphic Design: My full time 9 to 5 job is working as an art director / designer at this pretty amazing place that goes by the name of  Bold Brands

Painting:  My first love was watercolor and have since recently been drawn to painting in oil. I mostly paint portraits of people and of my heritage. 

Illustrating/Doodling: I have always been passionate for creating characters since I was young. I used to make my own weekly comic books. I have illustrated a children's book and still doodle daily. I know offer custom doodle portraits! 

Latina: Pale? Yes. 100% Puerto Rican? Also yes. Born in Italy? Yup. 

(It's confusing I know.)