Hola, I'm Kiara Sanchez and I'm a bunch of things: 

I'm a graphic designer: Logo and Brand Identity are my jam. Seriously, there is nothing better than taking what someone is and translating that through a logo.

I'm a painter: Watercolor and Oils, I know they don't mix. My first love was watercolor and have since recently been drawn to painting in oil. Mostly portraits of people (still trying to figure out why...)

I'm an illustrator: I have always been passionate for creating characters since I was small. I used to make my own comic books and pretend I was famous. Now I illustrate children's books. But I still doodle daily comics. 

I'm Latina: Pale? Yes. 100% Puerto Rican? Also yes. Born in Italy? Yup. 

(It's confusing I know.)



Currently creating in St. Augustine, FL.

I live in the nation's oldest, prettiest and weirdest city with my pet tortoise Herman & boyfriend Daniel.

Photos by Ariel Rose Photography